What is the full form of PVR

PVR full form

What is PVR? Exploring the Big Screen Experience

PVR stands for Priya Village Roadshow. It is a name synonymous with entertainment in India. When you think of catching the latest blockbuster, PVR is often the first choice.

The Birth of PVR

PVR’s journey began in 1997. The collaboration between Priya Exhibitors Private Limited and Village Roadshow Limited marked the start. It transformed the cinema experience in India.

PVR’s Growth and Expansion

PVR has grown tremendously over the years. It started with a single property in Saket, New Delhi. Today, it operates over 800 screens across the country. Each theater offers a unique viewing experience. This includes PVR Premiere, PVR Gold Class, PVR IMAX, and more.

Innovations in Viewing

PVR has been a pioneer in technological advancements. It was among the first in India to introduce multiplexes and gold class cinemas. Features like plush seating and gourmet snacks set PVR apart. It continues to enhance the movie-going experience with innovations like IMAX screens and 4DX cinemas. These cinemas offer motion seats and weather effects.

Community and Environmental Initiatives

PVR extends its impact beyond entertainment. It engages in community and environmental initiatives. PVR Nest is an example. It focuses on the development and well-being of children and youth. PVR also commits to sustainability. It incorporates energy-efficient technologies in its cinemas.

The Future of PVR

Looking ahead, PVR is set to redefine cinema with further innovations. It aims to enhance customer experiences and expand its reach. The focus will be on more than just movies. It will include live events and sports screenings.


PVR is not just about movies. It is about the complete experience. From the sound and visuals to the comfort and snacks, PVR makes every movie special. As it evolves, PVR continues to be at the forefront of entertainment in India.

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